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Saturday, 15 August 2015


Hi People, Is there anyone there?  I wonder if anyone is out there. Be nice if someone would acknowledge.  

I thought I would have a change today, because featuring a book each day is somehow not enough. I want to re read them, and then maybe share some thoughts about the contents with you.

That is of course presuming anyone is interested.  I realise that the subject is not for everyone - although I find it hard to believe.
Understanding what or who we are as humans, why are we existing? What is this Universe that we live in?  What is the point of it all? Is there a reason? Is there a creator? How or why did it all begin? All my life I have been curious about these things.  I have craved for answers.

I am in the middle of reading the Autobiography of Eileen Garrett. ( see my earlier post about this book) It has been there in my bookcase for years.  Some of the things she talks about concerning her sensitivity, and psychic senses, bear a common thread in my own life.  My Dad went through similar experiences in the 1960's as Ms Garrett did decades earlier.  Like her, he was born with the ability to 'see' the so called 'dead!'  Then later in his life he discovered that he was a natural 'trance medium'. He was sitting at home with a group of family members and friends, when he must have fallen asleep. Or so he thought. Wondering why everyone was staring at him, he was informed that he had been speaking for over an hour.  He had a 'control' who had been speaking to the family and giving evidence of life after death.  'Dead' relatives had been speaking to those present, and my Dad had no knowledge of any of it.  Thinking that he had just 'nodded off.'

I learned about all these things when I was very young, and it became normal.  But later, I began to ask questions. I realised that not everyone knew about things. Yet it had happened. It was a normal part of my family life.  Why did others find it so difficult to believe?  
Anyway I am just wondering if anyone else out there has had a similar experience?  
I will leave the question open, please get in touch.

Have a nice weekend.
Sharon x

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