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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Through the mists or Leaves From The Autobiography Of A Soul In Paradise -Recorded For The Author By ROBERT JAMES LEES

Hello Readers, here we have another book from the  recesses of my old bookcase.  This is one that has not seen the light of day for some years.  I actually have two copies of this.  One which I purchased years ago from somewhere; a second hand bookshop. 

This copy was left to me by Violet, a dear friend who died some years ago. It is in a rather poor state, but is signed by Eva Lees, the daughter of Robert J Lees, who calls himself 'the recorder' of the book, rather than the Author.

This is a 1952 reprint of the book, which was first published by Eva Lees 1898, who lived at 'Rodona', 54, Fosse Road South, Leicester, England.  It was printed 'In Great Britain By Halsey Brothers & Rist LTD., London, E.C.1

I will continue this post later, but leave this with you for now.  

Best wishes, Sharon x

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