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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Spiritualism - This is Spiritualism By Maurice Barbanell -Blowing the cobwebs off another book from my bookcase.

This is Spiritualism


Maurice Barbanell

This is a Hardback copy, published by Herbert Jenkins Limited, London, first published 1959,
My copy is a Second Impression 1961

The inside dustwrapper blurb....
'After thirty seven years of research and inquiry Maurice Barbanell is acknowledged to be one of the best-informed authorities on Spiritualism as we know it today.  he has lectured widely on the subject on both sides of the Atlantic and from his contact with these audiences and the recurring questions they ask, he has come to know precisely which are the aspects of Spiritualism most perplexing and confusing to the lay mind.

It is on this knowledge that he has based this remarkable book. From the outset his purpose has been to explain, not to convert,it being no part of his intention to crusade in the name of Spiritualism. He is content solely to present the facts and leave the reader to draw his own conclusions,though he makes no secret of the direction in which his own convictions lie.
The many examples of psychic experience that he quotes - drawn from people in every walk of life - make quite extraordinary reading.....
........Containing some of the most remarkable spirit photographs ever published, this is a book of the widest possible appeal.'

Illustrations from the book showing photographs of  'the materialisation of a spirit form.  An assistant holds the curtain to reveal the entranced medium Ethel Post-Parrish, of Pennsylvania,USA.'

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