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Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Hello readers, welcome to my blog page. Here is the next pile of books from my dusty old beloved bookcase:

The book that I will show you today is PRIVATE DOWDING, By Wellesley Tudor Pole.

'a plain record of the after-death experiences of a soldier killed in battle and some questions on world issues answered by the messenger who taught him wider truths.'

Published by Neville Spearman 6th edition 1966 Hardback

With Notes by Wellesley Tudor Pole

The notes inside the dust wrapper, ....
'To me it seems a very wonderful thing that this book should have come to birth at all.  There is a breadth of vision in it worthy of a great thinker, and a style which stamps it as literature.' Max Pemberton

Private Dowding was first published in 1917 and immediately ran through four impressions.  It was not reprinted again until 1943.  Here now, is a new edition by the Author of two remarkable later books, The silent Road and A Man Seen Afar.

'Somewhere within the soul there is silence.
Attain unto it.  It is a pearl of great price.'

'On Monday, 12th March 1917, I was walking by the sea when I felt the presence of someone.  I looked round; no one was in sight.  All that day I felt as if someone were following me, trying to reach my thoughts.  Suddenly I said to myself, 'it is a soldier.  He has been killed in battle and wants to communicate!'  That evening I happened to call upon a lady who possesses some degree of clairvoyant power. I had forgotten about the soldier, until she described a man dressed in khaki, sitting in a chair near me.  He was gazing intently in my direction........
.....I came home and sat down at my writing-table.  Immediately my pen moved.  Did I move it? Yes, in an involuntary sort of way.  The thoughts were not my own, the language was a little unusual.  Ideas were mainly conveyed in short simple phrases.  It would really seem as if some intelligence outside myself were speaking through my mind and my pen......'

This book contains the messages received by the Author, from' Thomas Dowding.' They are set down, he states, 'exactly as they reached me.'

This book is still available to purchase in various editions on Amazon.

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