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Monday, 20 July 2015


Silver Birch Speaks by Sylvia Barbanell. Psychic Book Club 2nd impression, 1954, London. Hard back red binding. No dust cover.

This is the next book taken from my bookcase in the corner.  One of my favourites, Silver Birch is /was a Spirit Guide, that spoke through an entranced Medium.

 In the words of Sylvia Barbanell, speaking about Silver Birch, 'He expounds a way of life to the people of this day and age. This highly evolved being has adopted the anonymity of a simple North American Indian in order to cloak his true spiritual status. He always stresses the fact that it is the message that is important and not the messenger.'

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Image result for images of silver birch spirit guidePicture of Silver Birch (from Google images)

Silver Birch was the Spirit Guide of Maurice Barbanell, the founder of the Spiritualist newspaper,'Psychic News'.
Here is a link to further information about Silver Birch:

There are many books published about the Medium and the Spirit Guide's Teachings.

It's ages since I read this book, but I remember being impressed by it at the time. I will be reading it again. 

It is a little dated,being first published in 1949....
but the wisdom contained is timeless.
'The message of Silver Birch is to spread knowledge of the unchanging truths that govern the universe...
It is to spread this spirit guide's wisdom that the members of what is called Hannen Swaffer's home circle meet regularly. Silver Birch's words are taken down verbatim in shorthand during the sittings.'
Sylvia Barbanel in the foreword.

You can see from the Contents page, illustrated above, that this book gives examples of Silver Birch's teachings on a wide variety of topics.
He answers questions such as, 'How do the dead pass their time?',
What is a Medium, and what happens when a Medium is in Trance.
Who or what are our guides?
If you have not read any of Silver Birch, then I would recommend that you look into it.  There are many books and articles available.

Until next time, I wish you happy reading and if you are inspired to begin your own Spiritual search, please leave comments to encourage others.
Sharon x

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