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Friday, 17 July 2015

Life After Death - What Happens When You Die?

What happens when you die? Book number two from my spooky bookcase is:

By Betty J. Eadie

A detailed description of what happened to the Author between 'dying' after an operation, to her recovery, after a few hours.
Described as, 'the most profound near-death experience ever,' and, ' of the most convincing arguments for the existence of life after death...'

This copy of the book is a 1994 Aquarian Press, hard cover edition.
It was originally published 1992, by Gold Leaf Press, USA.

Various editions are available to buy on Amazon.

This was one of those books that I could not put down.
There is a Foreword by Melvin Morse, MD, where he tells us, 'There is a great secret contained in Embraced by the Light. It is something that the great prophets and spiritual leaders have tried to tell us for thousands of years. Betty Eadie learned it by nearly dying.  It has the power to change your life.'

Betty Eadie
She returns from clinical death with '...a simple message of love.' 
'If we are kind, we will have joy,'....but before we can feel joy, we must know sorrow.'

This is a book that I am definately going to read again! 

'You will not fail to be moved by Betty's story.  A devoted mother with a loving family, she embarked on a voyage of discovery, leaving her body and learning 'the joy of spiritual freedom'. She saw more, perhaps, than any other person has seen before, and came back with an almost photographic view. Embraced by the light recounts the people she met, the truths she learned and the magnificent realities of the spirit world.'

I hope this has encouraged you to read more about 'Life after Death,' and 'Near Death Experiences,' and that you will go on to study more about this subject.  After all, it is one of the most important stages of life! Something which is going to affect each of us one day. That is a certainty!
Until next time, have a lovely and loving day,
 Sharon xxx

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