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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Virtual Book Tour through my private Library of Spiritual books, collected over 30 years - WELLESLEY TUDOR POLE - The Silent Road - In the Light of Personal Experience 1969 edition

Hello and welcome to my Blog.  Please take a few minutes to say hello.

Well here is my third book from the bookcase in the corner.  Some of these books have not seen the light of day for years.  I'm enjoying getting them out again, and find myself wanting to read them again!  Especially since Mum died recently, and unexpectedly. I miss her so much, and want reassurance that she is ok.  I already have a conviction that we are Spirit beings, using a physical body to gain experiences upon Earth. I know that our time on this Earthly life is temporary.  But I still feel grief as I miss her physical presence.

Death is a subject that no one wants to talk about.  We all try to ignore it and get on with our lives. This is the way it should be.  But it is also something that involves everyone.  Since as long as I can remember, I have questioned life.  I have always wanted to know more about the big mysteries of our Universe, and how it came about. How we originated and why?  What happens after death?

So the books in this Blog represent some of the sources that I have used to further my knowledge.  I will tell you more at a later time, but for now let's have a look at another book.

I have not put these books in any particular order of preference etc, they are just taken as a random sample from the shelves.



This book was given to me by a friend, a long time ago,but has lain forgotten in the bookcase.  I admit that I have not yet read it. Looking at the contents pages, it promises to be an interesting read.
Until next post, wishing you peace and love.
Sharon x

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