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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Angels, Twin Flames and Soul Wisdom - Twelve Steps To Heaven. ....Slow Book Tour of Private Collection...Spirituality ....

Hello friends!  I am writing this rather late today.  If you are in the UK it's just gone 10pm.  That's because I have been reading today's book!
 I don't remember when or where I got the book, but it looked interesting so I thought that I would begin reading at least some of it first.  So here it is...

Twelve Steps To Heaven - Introducing Twin Flames, Angels and Soul Wisdom.By Jayne Chilkes

Published by Writers Club Press 2001 USA   ISBN:0-595-18627-0
This book continues from the Authors previous one:
 The Call of an Angel
It tells of the Authors spiritual path and her involvement with a special soul group.  This book includes the training and steps involved in becoming a channel for this group.

I will have to make it a short one tonight, but may add more info tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.  
Sharon x

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